NI Private Car Insurance Market

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NI Private Car Insurance Market


It is a widely held view that the Northern Ireland private car market differs from that of Great Britain.

There is little information in the public domain to quantify the differences and until now the differences have not been adequately qualified.

This report takes a comprehensive look at the market. Specifically it delivers the following:

  • Insight into the size of the Northern Ireland private car market
  • It outlines how business is transacted and takes a look at some of the main market players
  • It looks at how government and the regulators have influenced the market and examines the outlook from that perspective
  • It details other significant distinctions affecting the market
  • With regard to claim cost it scrutinises how Northern Ireland differs from Great Britain in relation to major claim cost factors and key claim incidence indicators
  • It takes a detailed look at pricing, providing insight into recent pricing movements, level of premiums available to consumers and the relative competitiveness of insurance providers across distribution channels
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Published March 2016


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