Market Intelligence

What can we do for you?

Using our knowledge and experience we can help you to gain further insight and understanding of your current or target markets.

The reports we produce include pricing movement, relative competitive position of insurance products and product cover comparisons.

As an example, you can find at the bottom of this page a link to an overview of our 2016 report on the Northern Ireland private car insurance market.

Business Process Consultancy

It can be difficult to find solutions that strike the right balance between maximising efficiency of process, meeting the needs of customers and ticking all the regulatory boxes.

Let us help.

We work with insurers, intermediaries and insurance service providers to improve both regulatory compliance and business efficiency.

Underwriting, Delegated Authority and Coverholder Audits

In these challenging times it almost goes without saying that insurers and capacity providers need to be confident that the risks to which they are exposed fall within their acceptance criteria and that they are placed on an appropriate basis.

Do you need an experienced underwriter to provide independent analysis?

We have expertise in and can help with any or all of the following:

  • Compliance with risk acceptance criteria
  • Pricing and underwriting discipline
  • Regulatory and terms of business compliance

Expert Witness

Do you have an issue on which you could use the opinion of a seasoned general insurance underwriting expert?

If so then please contact Martin McRandal for a free initial consultation.

Martin is a member of the Expert Witness Institute.
We provide a general insurance Expert Witness service across the UK and Ireland.

Specialist Training

We draw upon our technical underwriting, business process and compliance expertise to offer a range of training solutions to insurers, intermediaries and other service providers.

Are there any knowledge gaps within your organisation? Can we help give you an edge over your competitors?

Please contact us to discuss your training needs. We will provide a free consultation with the aim of providing you with a tailored training proposition.